Nordonia Tax Calculator
by Jeff Garvas

This tax calculator aims to help Nordonia voters understand the dollars behind each pending tax issue on the May 7th ballot. The impact of these tax issues on the ballot will be calculated:

  • Issue 3 - Nordonia Schools 6.98 mills permanent property tax increase (Nordonia Hills wide)

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    This website is SSL encrypted. This calculator is not meant to be in favor of nor opposed to any issue. I originally wrote this to help Macedonia residents better research the impact or benefits of the 2018 May and November income tax increases. With the multiple property tax levies on the 2018 fall ballot I revamped the tool to look up property records so it can calculate actual property tax impact based on actual property values. For 2019 multiple people have asked me to bring the tool back in light of Issue 3. All mathematical calculations are speculative and subject to human errors - please do not state them as fact nor make financial decisions without verifying the results shown. *Delinquent taxes, Tax Liens, special assessments, CAUV , Homestead Exemption, Owner Occupancy Credit tax reductions are not included.

    I am not a tax professional, attorney, nor CPA. The tax rates for RITA communities were derived from this RITA website. Some others were found on this City of Cleveland source, while others will be added as requested. I've made every effort to make this calculator accurate, but the fact remains results produced here may unintentionally be inaccurate, make inaccurate assumptions, or be based on inaccurate data. If you discover errors please tell me.

    Privacy Policy:
    The website is tracking usage for the purpose of producing metadata (average income, average savings, average tax increase) without attributing those stats to any specific individual. Your name or email is never requested (unless you email me a bug report). This data may also be used for troubleshooting bugs and miscalculations if you report a mistake to me via email. All of the tax information provided by this calculator is derived from: The 2019 Primary / Special election sample ballots available from the Summit County Board of Elections, and/or records publicly visible on the Summit County Fiscal Officer's website. All mathematical calculations are speculative and subject to errors.

    If I make calculation related corrections to the calculator other than cosmetic or layout I will list each of them here with the date of correction.
  • 10/15/18: A variable used twice was causing the bottom line values to show the entire income tax liability instead of just the increase. Fixed.
  • 10/24/18: The Total Annual Increase on the last page was incorrectly calculating the bottom line total, most likely always erroring on the LOW side. Fixed.
  • 3/31/19: Revamping to support Issue 3 and removing prior issues. Bottom line and income tax functions were removed.
  • 4/10/19: Made Issue 3 results show total annual income tax (current + Issue 3 increase) based on community feedback
  • 4/11/19: The total annual view now shows the percentage of the increase (new issue 3 tax / current school tax liability)